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ONS Telecom Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Optimum Network Solutions, as a human resources strategy within the sector of telecommunication, has a management approach which is innovative-equitable-leading. Thus, people want to work with and the employees are adopted to be proud of being a member of this community as well.

As our OHS policy, we declare and undertake;
1- To take all precautions in accordance with the current OHS regulations and other necessities related to the OHS, to keep personal and vehicle protective equipment, to enable the necessary usage of these for providing security and safety of our employees, subcontractors, visitors in the office and its extensions,

2- To locate and eliminate unsecure conditions/behaviors and possible accident risks in advance, which might result in occupational accidents and occupational illnesses, by making an efficient risk evaluation,

3- To identify risks that may lead to occupational accidents and occupational illnesses at the work place, in order to provide employees at every level, visitors and subcontractors with health, security and social well-being, to reduce any kind of material and non-material possible future losses of themselves and their families,

4- To train our employees about the OHS and to make them achieve a high level of OHS awareness.

5- To make sure that subcontractors and visitors who provide a service at the office obey the OHS rules established by ONS Telecom,

6- To make ONS Telecom an exemplary company in terms of the OHS applications for the subsidiaries, chambers of industry and associations,

7- To predict the possible events which can be encountered in the future, to provide continuous improvement and to review our status by taking the development of industrial world into consideration,

8- To provide the continuity of our OHS Management System which is established and operating regarding these principles.

Chairman of the Executive Board

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